Adopt Bills

Let’s adopt my bills

There is NOTHING that makes me happier than a silly slave looking after my bills. Piggy slaves are always ready to help a beautiful Goddess like me with her monthly payments, piggies are born to pay !
My fetish are piggy slaves, and as a Goddess Rinser I adore piggy banks – cash cash and anything else that has zeros at the end !

Pay Goddess Luna’s bills
My internet connection £100
My weekly groceries shopping £200
My weekly 1 to 1 private lessons £100
My hair & beauty salon £300
My car’s petrol £80
My weekly car park £120
My daily personal trainer £60
Weekly Spa massage £200
My weekly Take Away food  £100
Weekly Phone lines  £50
Weekly Mortgage  £300
Weekly Rental Dungeon £250
Domestic Service cleaner monthly £300
Manicure & Pedicure £150
Monthly Gym membership £200
Pay my monthly TV cable £100
Pay my monthly council tax £200

Hurry up ! all these bills have to be paid now, and I am not going to do all by my own because piggy pets like you are born to do it  for me !