Goddess Luna

Goddess Luna
I am a Spanish Goddess, born a bitch manipulative cruel creature, beautiful mind fuck, greedy cash Mistress and Dominatrix.

I am devoted to mind manipulation, I practice it every minute I can … and I’m a Humiliatrix by nature, a field that always surprises me about how far I can take you to, when I get you completely brainwashed and hypnotized.

Being a Financial Domination Mistress is not a job is a lifestyle, humiliating my slave pets, making them to pay for my existence, and supporting my expensive living keeps me really busy and excited.

I only have eyes for weak pathetic losers – perverts obsessed generous wealthy or poor men, fat bellies – small penis and cuckold creatures, who love spending money on me because I am worth and superior, for those who are predictable and easy to manipulate and drain their wallets.

I know what you really need in your life, and I’m here because of it !

Because you need someone mean, who does the job with perfection, someone who enjoys humiliating you and taking advantage of you, someone who knows your weakness and uses to her own gratification, someone who is evil and made to worship.

What I most like is molding men into pets, teaching them to be loyal, punishing them when they misbehave, humiliating and degrading them when needed be, treating them like pay pets – scum bags – sissy servants, etc.

Being a Financial slave is being trapped in a hard and extreme fetish lifestyle, which means being a money slave and a loser pig.

Age: 42 YO
Sign: Virgo
Gender: Bitch
Country residence: United Kingdom
Ethnicity: Spanish %100
Measurements: a perfect 85-60-90
Height: 5 ft 5 in / 165-167 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Eye Color: Green eyes
Hair Color: Light brunette Hair
Smoker: Yes
Languages: English – Spanish – Catalan – a bit of Arabic.
My Fetishes: My biggest fetish are weak men as well as sissies, Public Humiliation, SPH, FinDom, Cuckolding, Punishment, Degradation, Foot slaves, Strap-on
See below a comprehensive description of my specialties